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We are a small, independently owned and privately operated manufacturer/distributor of Sergino Professional Hair care products based in Indianapolis, IN.

Our Mission: To empower hair professionals with smart solutions to exceed customer expectations.

Professional only – never sold in mass retail outlets, to help independent stylists and salons grow residual business. Sergino is a true salon exclusive brand that is high-quality and cost-efficient to improve and retain your residual business.

If there were a cosmetic ingredient award of the year, panthenol would be the most likely candidate and a long overdue one – according to beauty authorities and consumers both. Documented proof shows this pro-vitamin does exciting things in skin and hair cosmetics. Its wonders are worked furthermore, without causing toxicity or irritation and also generates healing. In fact, it was originally discovered by research scientists in Switzerland seeking a means of alleviating skin problems.

Panthenol is a “Key” ingredient in Sergino Products. Panthenol is a pro-vitamin; a substance the body converts into a vitamin. Topically applied, panthenol is transformed within the body into pantothenic acid, or vitamin B5, one of the most VIP nutrients, evidently, playing a vital role in various biochemical activities, including cell metabolism. Nutritionists believe a deficiency can lead to a host of troubles, including serious skin and hair disorders.

The benefits demonstrated scientifically to hair are: damage mending, increased luster, moisture retention, elasticity, and greatly improved body.

A major effect (of using panthenol) is a dramatic increase in pantothenic acid content of hair. S. H. Rubin and associates, with Roche Laboratories, showed almost a hundred-fold increase. Ordinary levels vary between 0.28 and 0.130 micro-grams per gram of hair. After several months of panthenol application, the levels ranged from 26 to 40 micro-grams per gram of hair!

Panthenol’s penetrating ability has also been demonstrated in skin cosmetics. It is now being added to products containing other vitamins, such as A, D, and E to improve total absorption. The smallness of its molecules is what makes panthenol so absorbent.

It’s astounding that the extent of this pro-vitamin’s effectiveness has only recently emerged into the limelight. Especially since panthenol’s performance was demonstrated by scientists both abroad and in our country in tests dating back to the 1930s. Literature contains evidence of great benefits to a variety of skin problems, such as cutaneous ulcers, lupus erythematosus, burns, cracks, dermatoses, corneal lesions, and allergic dermatitis. Gangrene has responded well as has post-operative healing, when usual treatments failed. In cosmetic surgery, when a 5% panthenol formula is applied, skin grafts respond more quickly and healed tissue stays soft and supple.

Panthenol ointments relieve serious skin problems such as chafing, diaper rash, sunburn, insect bites, poison ivy, and poison oak.  When used in after-shave lotions, the pro-vitamin is a soothing, healing agent, as it is for cuts, wounds, and burns.

The scientific literature that reveals a disorder called post infectious alopecia (hair loss, following an infection of some sort) has responded well in 100% of the cases involved, when panthenol treatment was prescribed.

Researchers noted: (Bonnet, Florens – Gaz. Med de France No. 6, 1969)

(a) hair loss is stopped more quickly

(b) re-growth takes place more rapidly

(c) new hair is stronger and thicker

What generated the widespread recognition of this odorless, stainless substance that’s so compatible with other formula ingredients? Partially, increasing consumer demand for  a more wholesome and effective beauty aids – and nutritious ones, as well. But mostly, the panthenol phenomenon is due to a recent technological breakthrough: development of Scanning Electron Microscopy.

Repairing and mending characteristics of the pro-vitamin have also been established in a beauty salon. Hair having panthenol solution applied for ten minutes, then rinsed with lukewarm water, showed significant mending of damaged hair, even after vigorous combing. Hair treated with panthenol, but not rinsed, revealed even more extensive repairing…. demonstrating panthenol’s holding benefits, even in problem hair.

Research continues into the fascinating potentials of panthenol. It is never too late or too early to concentrate on skin and hair care, both through balanced nutrition and wholesome beauty aids, bearing in mind that “panthenol can surely help you look better tomorrow than you do today.”