Artecolor Concentrate Corrector Colours


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Permanent coloring cream enriched with silk proteins

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Colors Available

1RC-Red/Copper Contrast, 1RED-Red Contrast, 1RV-Red/Violet Contrast, 100-Red, 101-Gold, 102-Green, 103-Ash Blue, 104-Violet, 105-Blue, 106-Copper, 110-Neutral Lightening, 3-Dark Brown, 4-Medium Brown, 4.3 Medium Golden Brown, 4.35-Medium Golden Mahogany Brown, 4.4-Dark Beige Blonde, 4.45-Medium Copper Mahogany Brown, 4.5 Medium Mahogany Brown, 4.51-Medium Mahogany Ash Brown, 4.53-Medium Copper Golden Brown, 4.6-Medium Red Brown, 4.67-Medium Red Violet Brown, 5-Light Brown, 5.0-Natural Light Brown, 5.3-Light Golden Brown, 5.34-Light Golden Copper Brown, 5.35-Light golden Mahogany Brown, 5.37-Light golden Violet Brown, 5.4-Light Copper Brown, 5.42-Light Copper Pearl Brown, dar5.51-Light Mahogany Ash Brown, 5.53-Light Copper Golden Brown, 5.56-Light Mahogany Red Brown, 5.7-Light Violet Brown, 5.88-Light Extra Red Brown, 6-Dark Blonde, 6.0-natural Dark Blonde, 6.01-Dark Natural Ash Blonde, 6.1-Dark Ash Blonde, 6.3-Dark Golden Blonde, 6.32-Dark Beige Blonde, 6.34-Dark Golden Copper Blonde, 6.35-Dark Golden Mahogany Blonde, 6.37-Dark Golden Violet Blonde, 6.4-Dark Copper Blonde, 6.42-Iris Brown-Dark Copper Golden Blonde, 6.43-Copper-Dark Copper Golden Blonde, 6.44-Dark Intense Copper Blonde, 6.45-Dark Copper Mahogany Blonde, 6.46-Dark Copper Red Blonde, 6.5-Dark Mahogany Blonde, 6.51-Dark Mahogany Ash Blonde, 6.53-Dark Copper Golden Blonde, 6.56-Dark Mahogany Red Blonde, 6.6-Dark Red Blonde, 6.66-Dark Intense Red Blonde, 6.67-Dark REd Violet blonds, 6.88-Dark Extra Red Blonde, 7-Base-Medium Blonde, 7.0-Natural-natural Medium Blonde, 7.1-Medium Ash Blonde, 7.2-Medium Pearl Blonde, 7.23-Medium Pearl Golden Blonde, 7.3-Medium Golden Blonde, 7.32-Medium Beige Blonde, 7.34-Medium Golden Copper Blonde, 7.35-Medium Golden Mahogany Blonde, 7.37-Medium Golden Violet Blonde, 7.42-Medium Copper Pearl Blonde, 7.44-Medium Intense Copper Blonde, 7.46-Medium Copper Red Blonde, 7.5-Medium Mahogany Blonde, 7.51-Medium Mahogany Ash Blonde, 7.53-Medium Copper golden Blonde, 7.66-Medium Intense Red Blonde, 7.67-Medium Red Violet Blonde, 7.88-Medium Extra Red Blonde, 8-Base-Light Blonde, 8.0-Natural light Blonde, 8.01-Light Natural Ash Blonde, 8.1-Light Ash Blonde, 8.23-Light Pearl Golden Blonde, 8.3-Light Golden Blonde, 8.32-Light Beige Blonde, 8.33-Light Intense Golden Blonde, 8.34-Light Golden Copper Blonde, 8.35-Light Golden Mahogany Blonde, 8.4-Light Copper Blonde, 8.43-Light Copper Golden Blonde, 8.45-Light Copper Mahogany Blonde, 9-Base-Very Light Blonde, 9.0-Very Light Natural Blonde, 9.03-Very Light natural Golden Blonde, 9.13-Very Light Ash Golden Blonde, 9.3-Very Light Golden Blonde, 9.32-Very Light Beige Blonde, 900-Lightener-Natural Blonde, 901-Lightener-Ash Blonde, 902-Lightener-Pearl Blonde, 923-Lightener-Beige Blonde, 933-Lightener-Golden Blonde


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